Planning for a safe and healthy babymoon is like planning for any other typical vacation… aside from being ten times more stressful, which in turn can cause you to become ten times more neurotic.  To alleviate some of your concern, we’ve compiled a pretty foolproof list of things to be on the lookout for when planning your mom to be getaway.
BPA Free Water Bottle
Reusable Water Bottle

First things first, no matter where your destination may be, or how long you’re staying there, plan on staying hydrated.  Pack a reusable, BPA free, water bottle that will ensure that you are always able to have some liquids handy.  If you’re staying somewhere where tap water is the only option, look into a water bottle with a built in filter to maximize the cleanliness of your water.

Prenatal Vitamins

Make sure to pack your prenatal vitamins.  No matter what trimester of your pregnancy you are in, your vitamins should still remain your very best friend!  Talk to your doctor about your diet and exercise routines and make sure that you’re supplementing all of the vitamins that you are not receiving enough of.  This supports healthy development for your baby, and as a side perk, they also strengthen your hair, skin, and nails.

Check with Your Doctor

When traveling, make sure that you’ve cleared your method of travel with your doctor first before heading anywhere.  Although things may seem alright, there could always be an underlying complication that you’re not noticing.  Consult your doctor before flying- even if the internet says that it’s “totally safe.”  After that’s been taken care of, make sure that you yourself are comfortable with your particular mode of travel.

Comfort Items

Next, tying in with number three, pack items that will keep you comfortable while traveling.  Make sure to bring a pillow, or a neck rest, if you’re flying, and don’t be embarrassed about bringing five pillows if you’re driving to your destination.  Your babymoon should be about resting and relaxing while ushering in a new life, and physical comfort is a key factor to that process.

Travel Neck Pillow

Do your Homework

Always read reviews!  If you are planning on staying in a hotel or resort, read the reviews.  This is a must!  You do not want to go off of pictures alone because unfortunately, people are deceptive.  Though something might look beautiful on the outside, it could be a cockroach infested hellhole on the inside.  Fortunately, review sites are not a rarity, and finding out the bad within an establishment is not a difficult task.  Review guest photos and ask questions if necessary.  The cleanliness of your boarding is not only important for you, but it’s also important for the bun you’ve got cooking in your oven.

Preplan Itinerary

Plan activities within your limits.  Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it can in fact get a little dull.  Rest and relaxation can only go so far, and it gets a bit boring sitting still after nine months.  With that being said, encourage yourself to try new things that are within your able range.  If you’ve never done a ceramics painting class, perhaps now is the time.  If you’ve never hiked, perhaps try a small, low active trail.  So many things can be done, it’s just a matter of adjusting them to your level of ability.  Please, ladies, do not bungee jump or hang glide, but feel free to try things that are a bit off your path of normalcy on a day to day basis.  That’s what a babymoon is for, right?

BabyMoon Hiking
BabyMoon Sunscreen
Skin Protection

Lastly, remember the most important thing for your immediate safety, which directly effects your baby’s safety, is that of protecting your skin.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not sitting out on a beach all day for your babymoon, protecting your skin needs to happen at all times, at any place.  This should also be a practice set in stone for your daily life, as well.  Apply sunscreen in the morning, and look for makeup products that have SPF infused within them.  This is also a wonderful time to don a large, floppy hat.  Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays will do more for yourself, and your baby, than you will ever know.

     So there you have it!  Seven quick and easy things to mark off your checklist while planning your babymoon.  Remember to stay calm and relaxed, and that this vacation is very important for your inner peace and wellbeing.  Enjoy the journey, and remember to take things one day at a time.