Every year, there are so many new and improved baby products that it seems impossible for any of them to stand out above all the others. But these 10 new products for 2017 are ones you should seriously consider.
Top 2017 Baby Product The Shrunks 2-in-1 Safety Trampoline and Po
  1. The Shrunks 2-in-1 Safety Trampoline and Pool

I’m surprised no one thought of this sooner. It’s a 33×13-inch inflatable pool. Or use it as a storage place/play place for toys and stuffed animals. Then flip it over and let your kids bounce to their hearts’ content. The 50-inch trampoline can be used indoors, too, making this a perfect idea to burn of excess energy on those rainy/snowy days that keep you cooped up inside.

  1. Babyletto Kiwi Swivel Glider

This is guaranteed to make you more comfortable when nursing. It reclines electronically and has a built-in USB port for easy phone charging (or maybe music listening) during those long nursings.

Babyletto Kiwi Swivel Glider 2017 Baby Products
2017 Baby Products Baby Dam
  1. Baby Dam

Little babies don’t need an entire tub during bath time, so this flexible device actually shortens the tub’s length to fit baby and conserve water at the same time.

  1. Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing and Sleeper

It’s a gliding swing seat. It’s a reclining sleeper. It’s both. Your baby will happily swing and see the world around him/her, then with just a pull of the lever you’ll happily recline him/her for a nap. There’s also a middle level that might work if the other two don’t.

Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing and Sleeper, Percy
2017 Baby Product Boon Care
  1. Boon Care

Because it’s never too early for good grooming habits. This six pack — nail clipper, thermometer, cradle cap brush, medicine dispenser, gum scrubber and aspirator — will put baby on the right track. All fit into the sturdy zippered pouch.

  1. Nursie

For nursing mothers whose arms or traditional nursing pillows just don’t quite work when feeding. Just fit it over your arm like a water wheel and balance baby’s head on it while you feed. Comes in several colorful designs.

2017 Baby Products Nursie
2017 Baby Products Boom Gleam
  1. Boon Glean

For those kids who are afraid of the dark. It’s a nightlight when it projects colorful images on the walls to help them fall asleep, and it’s a flashlight when someone picks it up and needs to find their way to the bathroom. Available soon.

  1. Lulujo Baby’s First Year Blanket

Too many of us are lax when it comes to marking our babies’ milestones. Let this gorgeous muslin blanket help with the first year. Choose from one of three themes: “I Will Move Mountains,” “Loved Beyond Measure” and “Isn’t She Lovely.” Get the cameras ready, too.

2017 Baby Products Lulujo Baby’s First Year Blanket
2017 Baby Products High Chair
  1. Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair

What to do when your child outgrows the high chair? Convert it! Simply unscrew the top half of the legs and the high chair becomes a standard-height chair. Wood legs and leather finish makes it an attractive addition.

  1. Cobely Pocket Baby Heartbeat Monitor 

If you want the experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat in a warmer environment than a doctor’s office, then this is for you. Soon you’ll be able to record and share your baby’s heartbeat in utero from your own home.

2017 Baby Products Fetal Monitor